For the latter half of my twenties i racked up a back catalog of a LOT of songs. Songs that i love. Songs that i play live but have never recorded. These songs were written during many periods of my life that brought a lot of changes; while i was touring every state in the lower 48, while i was living out in California and a lot of stuff i've written being back home in Tejas the last few years.

This past winter i went into Silkworm Sound in Durham, N.C. and laid down an album comprised of what i thought were the best of these tunes that would come together to form a cohesive record. With my buddies Ryan Johnson and Whit Wright at the helm (both members of one of my favorite bands American Aquarium), we spent a couple weeks churning out some great material (all while living off cheese tortillas, whiskey and sleeping on their couches).

Under the banner of my own label DreamCar Records and through a partnership with PledgeMusic, i'll be releasing it in the Fall of 2016.