Gritty realness forms the heart and soul of Houston-based country/Americana band Charlie & The Regrets. Established in 2014, the band’s lead singer, songwriter, and namesake Charlie Harrison had but one goal: Write authentic music that speaks to the not-always-glamorous life he has seen. His experiences and developed view of the world engendered socially conscious country that also happens to be catchy as hell.

In 2016, under the creative and technical direction of producer Derek Hames and engineer John Shelton, both of Edgewater Music Group, Charlie and the boys entered world-class Edgewater Studios in Sugar land, TX to record their debut album. “Rivers In The Streets” (February 2017 via Sony RED Distribution) includes cherished songs from the band’s self-produced 2014 EP such as “Baytown” and “New Night” were reimagined. New fan favorites like “The Gavel” and “What Can I Do” were refined. And more intimate acoustic tracks “Houston Rain” and “Ain’t No Good News” were introduced. The result is breakout work that defines who and what Charlie & The Regrets are. You’ll hear influences from Jerry Jeff Walker, Hayes Carll, and Todd Snider with each train beat, strummed chord and twanged vocal.

But in the end, “Rivers in The Streets” has an identity all its own, forged by the band’s own unique perspective and Charlie’s from-the-pulpit-esk vocal stamina. In an era of fluff, Charlie & The Regrets have chosen to write country music about the imbalance of justice, the federal tax code, and the plight of the fatherless. Their growing fanbase has confirmed a core group of music fans out there who are desperate to hear songs that pull no punches and leaves a sticky residue on their rebellious hearts. With this new album release, they are doubling down on listeners interested in both style and substance.