Brownout, the Austin based Latin funk outfit, return with an exciting new album in conjunction with the legendary Fat Beats RecordsFear Of A Brown Planet. The release sees the GRAMMY Award winning players doing heavy psych-funk covers of Public Enemy classics. The twelve track set comes out May 25, 2018 on vinyl, CD, digital, and cassette, with a national tour to follow.

 DJ Eclipse enthusiastically states how he constructed the mix, “I wanted to do more than just throw some vocals on top of what Brownout had played. I took the few acapellas from Public Enemy that existed and then took little pieces of speeches and phrases from various places to tell a story. I wanted you to hear how dope Brownout was playing the music and how good PE would sound over them. Simultaneously being respectful to what PE means to Hip Hop culture and their message to the world.” Adrian Quesada, guitarist of Brownout adds, “What an incredible honor it was to have a mix from underground hip hop legend DJ Eclipse in our hands. His deep knowledge of the PE catalog as well as the sample source material was evident from the first drop, he even threw in some live Brownout deep cuts! We couldn't have asked for a better mix to give people their first glimpse at our "Fear of a Brown Planet" album, the blends and remixes/mashups are amazing, the cuts are next level and the references are truly "meta" and even better, just plain dope. This mix goes hard!”

 The project came together from the iconic Fat Beats imprint. Joseph Abajian, Fat Beats founder states, “We did a Wu-Tang cover record years back that picked up and became one of our best sellers. I was always a Public Enemy fan and always dreamed about doing a project with them. I tried to do some covers in the late 90’s but it didn’t come to fruition. After learning about Brownout and later going to their Brown Sabbath shows, I thought their sound would work covering Public Enemy songs. It was good to know Adrian and the band were PE fans and liked the proposal I offered. We came up with a track listing and they went to work. The music came out great and now were ready to launch the project.”




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