Mar Vista, California’s native sons and daughters, Xu Xu Fang, are a dark-and-brooding, slow-and-rolling musical experience like something you’d hear at a Laserium show or listen to on big headphones in the back of a conversion van. The first single and video, Noir State Beach, from the band’s upcoming, 2014 full-length album, (featuring guest duet vocals and bass guitar by Michael Shuman of Queens of the Stone Age) premiered on RollingStone.com. Rolling Stone wrote, “Xu Xu Fang’s music is so moody and emotional that it almost demands a visual accompaniment.” The video stars actor Luke Grimes (True Blood/50 Shades of Grey) and is directed by long time Spike Jonze collaborator Casey Storm. In rotation on Los Angeles tastemaker radio station KCRW, Consequence of Sound describes Noir State Beach as “Stunningly beautiful moments amidst the chaotic buildup of spiraling distorted guitars.” The band is set to release a new single, Friend to the Unknown, and video (directed by Reuben Wu of the band Ladytron). Noir State Beach remixes by The Modernist, Pop Ambient inventor, Markus Guentner, and a Friend to the Unknown remix by Los Angeles producer/engineer, The Wrangler are also forthcoming.

Hailed as “local innovators,” by the Los Angeles Times, Xu Xu Fang’s 12” debut single, These Days, received initial praise in the UK’s MOJO Magazine; the same place where producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Bobby Tamkin, enjoyed similar overseas success as a member of The Warlocks. After touring in an opening act with Foo Fighters, Tamkin sent the Xu Xu Fang single to The Onion, who wrote, “Enormous, dark, psychedelic, and beautiful, Xu Xu Fang is full of meditative moods that haunt the diaphanous triangle formed by Pink Floyd, Radiohead, and Sigur Ros.” Xu Xu Fang produced The Mourning Son ep in 2008, and Pop Matters wrote, “Xu Xu Fang is not satisfied with playing straightforward, albeit fantastic, music. It’s not hard to tell there is something truly great brewing throughout.” Television show Gossip Girl licensed multiple songs from the self-released ep, skyrocketing it to #3 on Amazon’s Psychedelic Rock Album Chart. Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins) raved, “Fuck me sideways, if this isn’t some of the best new music I’ve heard.”

The band recorded a version of The Cure’s Fascination Street for a The Cure tribute record. A mainstay on Sex Pistols Steve Jones’s radio show Jonesy’s Jukebox, and featured on USA Today, Pitchfork wrote, “Xu Xu Fang take ‘Fascination Street’ on a trip through Massive Attack's Mezzanine, with static crackle, flutes, and a portentous tom beat inverting the sentiment from wide-eyed wonder to heavy-lidded menace.” LA Weekly called it, “A deep psychedelic meditation, a beautiful recording.” Xu Xu Fang produced the Seven Days Now ep, and Pop Matters jumped on it, writing, “Even in its brevity, the effort is just as poignant and as powerful as most full-lengths. That is what makes Xu Xu Fang both so much fun to listen to and just so damn good.” The single, Your Way, premiered on Gossip Girl, and was named, Today’s Top Tune, during KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic. Seven Days Now hit #1 on Amazon’s Trip Hop Album chart, and #4 on Amazon’s Psychedelic Rock Album chart. This reignited interest in The Mourning Son, giving Xu Xu Fang 3 Top 5 chart positions on Amazon. Xu Xu Fang then contributed China Girl to a David Bowie tribute record, and again MOJO praised, “Xu Xu Fang’s baked trip hop China Girl beats the recognized talent (Warpaint, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, John Frusciante).

Enter Queens of the Stone Age bass player Michael Shuman. Upon hearing Xu Xu Fang’s new album in progress, Shuman joined the band in the studio, recording bass and duet vocals on several of the band’s new songs. Excited with what he heard, producer/mixer, Alain Johannes, known for his work
with QOTSA, Chris Cornell, and Arctic Monkeys, took an interest in Xu Xu Fang, and contributed mixes to the upcoming full-length record.




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