On their second album Bodacious, the Texas trio known as Purple delivers a dozen joyously raucous, deliriously hook-crazy new rock anthems that showcase the threesome's infectious party spirit and lurching power-trio punch, incorporating funk, reggae and hip-hop beats to make raw, relentless catchy music that's already won the band a loyal international fan base.

 Bodacious proudly retains the venomous, strident tone established on their debut release, 409, and takes a dive into pop-rock with tracks Pretty Mouth & Bliss.

The Beaumont based band that NPR's All Songs Considered promised to "follow to the end of the Earth" teamed up with Nerdist to premiere the tongue in cheek new video for "Mini Van," called it, "An amalgamation of the Beastie Boys’ aggressive but happy-go-lucky raps, the lo-fi and relatable everyman aesthetic of Mac DeMarco, and the garage rock chops of The White Stripes."

Purple are a sardonic pack of outsider school kids who went on to be the coolest kids in their home town. The ambitious trio have rode their unapologetic, grit-spitting style to win the praise from NPR, Entertainment Weekly, Flavorwire, Bitch and Boxx Magazine. A ruthless mix of femme-punk, indie rock and grunge, Purple flash glimpses of Bikini Kill, No Doubt, and Andrew W.K. in their ferocious sound as the vow to leave no stage undestroyed during their frenzied trek towards world domination.

Purple are Hanna Brewer (vocals, percussion), Taylor Busby (vocals, guitars) Joe Cannariato (bass)