The story of No Trigger begins in Massachusetts in the year 2000 when the impassioned hardcore punk outfit made their first splash with a series of self-released demos and split EPs, leading punk rock media outlets such as Pastepunk and Punknews to name them the best unsigned band of their time. Fast forward to 2006, countless live shows later, and the release of the band’s landmark debut (and to this point, only) full length album, Canyoneer on Nitro Records, an album that, regardless of any future releases, cemented the band’s legacy in punk rock forever. Such is the story of No Trigger, a band destined to release groundbreaking punk rock albums, riling up their fanbase, only to disappear into the abyss and return again years later.
That time, dear friends, is now.
On their sophomore release “Tycoon,” due February 2012 on No Sleep Records, No Trigger have compiled what is already being considered by many to be their greatest achievement to date, and an album sure to turn the entire punk rock community on its ear, again.
“Tycoon I think is right where we always wanted to be sonically.” says front-man Tom Rheault. “The vocals are a lot heavier in spots than ever before, but the choruses are catchy and we have a bunch of interesting twists. We also did a bit more experimenting with structure and parts but it’s all still No Trigger. Lyrically this record is the most personal record we have ever written.”
So why the wait? Why so long between albums? How can a band so great at what they do make their fans wait so long for new material? The answer is simple and all too obvious, “Life.” says Rheault. “Sometimes you gotta scale back a bit and focus on other things before you can move forward with a new album, and that’s what happened. We also had a few member changes in the interim and reverted back to more or less our original lineup. It's true the last few years were pretty scarce as far as No Trigger activity goes, but a year ago we put out our Be Honest 7” and toured on it to Australia and also to Europe, which were both phenomenal tours. We also played a bunch of one off shows like Gainesville Fest and the Four Year Strong hometown holiday show and Groezrock in Belgium and such, so we've kept busy this year and plan to stay busy once Tycoon is released."
All of which brings us to today and the band’s announcement of their new album "Tycoon." Recorded in Massachusetts with Defeater guitarist Jay Maas, the album is No Trigger’s most punishing and inspired material to date. Made up of non-stop anthem after anthem, "Tycoon" is a pitbull off its leash, but also completely necessary, motivational, and perfect for its time.
“I can sum up what this album is to me in just one word,” says Rheault, “Important.”



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