Mrs. Skannotto’s unique music melds modern ska, progressive hard rock, reggae, and a multitude of other influences into an unforgettable and exciting sound.  A sound that is simultaneously raw and polished, powerful and intricate, guttural and ethereal.  They are out to prove that ska music isn’t a gimmick, it isn’t childish circus music, and it most definitely isn’t something you must outgrow when you leave adolescence behind.  

Hot on the heels of their April 2014 release of “Outlier”, the guys are currently crafting a new album looking to be out in May 2015.  This new record is overflowing with catchy upbeat-ska, hard-hitting rock, and deep-grooving reggae, all nicely packaged up and ready to explode.  In the past few years they’ve toured around the US with the likes of The Mad Caddies, Less Than Jake and The Toasters. Soon, they’ll be bringing their exciting and captivating live performances out on tour to support the new record all around the country, and hopefully beyond!  



MrsSka High Falls Pic.jpeg