"Timeless Rockabilly soul crafted with the punch of real Rock n' Roll"

From the un-sleepy town of El Monte, CA, Gamblers Mark has earned a name for themselves as one of the most versatile bands out there. The trio is composed of original/founding members vocalist/guitarist Dave Gambler, his little brother up-right bassist Danny Exito, and drummer Ricky Lobo. For over a decade now they have taken their sound all over the U.S. and most recently to Europe and Japan. Their well received psychobilly/punk rock sound is heavily rooted in a Rockabilly/Rock n' Roll foundation. Brothers Dave and Danny grew up on a steady diet of Rockabilly greats and acts like The Johnny Brunette Trio, Chuck Berry, The Sharks, and Frantic Flinstones. They were also profoundly touched by the infectious sounds of the Spanish Rock N' Roll their father played growing up. Drummer Ricky Lobo's musical influences date from the hardcore Punk era such as 7 Seconds, Dag Nasty, Crucifix, Minor Threat, and Black Flag. Ricky maintains the balance, skill, and style that contributes to Gamblers Mark signature sound.

Their diverse musical influence has allowed them to captivate audiences across multiple genres. In 2008 they released their first full length album. "The Last Chance Saloon" was received with great acclaim. The guys took their unique sound to venues all over, including sold out shows at House of Blues. Soon they were sharing the stage with established acts, and started work on their second full length album "The Cho Incident." A fan favorite, "The Cho Incident" featured tracks that exemplified their diverse musical range. "Brightest Black Shirt" a Ska track on the album featured a horn section by Matt Appleton of Reel Big Fish. 

The guys have not gone un noticed, Gretsch Guitars approached Dave Gambler with an endorsement in 2013, and Dave's infectious riffs have never sounded better. Lucky 13 Clothing culture label also sponsors the band with their exclusive designs of vintage American apparel. The trio is currently working on their third full length production, slated for release in mid 2015. Make sure you catch these guys at a show near you, you're gonna wish you did!