Frantic Flintstones were born in the Lord’s year 1986, with Chuck Harvey (vocals), leading a pack of psychos- that would set the Psychobilly scene on fire, and still does to this day. A live show is a must for any one on the planet to experience the FF Muh chaos! Their loyal legions of fans are a testament to this. Frantic Flintstones have had/released well over 50 plus releases.

All in their unique style, always going where no other psycho band has been, love them or hate them, but you cannot ignore them. Chuck has had many many players in his service, far too many to name. Here are a few you might know:
Gaz Day (Morrissey), Jonny Bowler (Guana Batz), Toby (Coffin Nails), Doug (Long Tall Texans). The list is kind of endless as FF have always been road rats and are only happy when they are on tour, and tour they have. Europe, North & South America, Japan, & the rest of the world has been infested with the FF Muh Magic, and always will be. Frantic Flintstones, unlike many many bands, have never split up, made farewell tours or dodgy comebacks, only hospital/prison has stopped them some times.

Catch the Frantic Flintstones when they hit your world, and join in the madness and party!