Elusive American melodic metal forerunners CELLADOR have manifested themselves once again, in preparation for transfiguration into its newest POWER METAL incarnation!

Originally forged at the helm of guitarist Chris Petersen, CELLADOR was conceived with deliberate intention of bringing the European speed and power metal influence to the USA, where the style is virtually nonexistent and unknown. Upon release of their critically acclaimed album “Enter Deception,” Cellador took on to bring its music to the metal masses of North America, having toured alongside the likes of metal titans Trivium, All That Remains, Bullet For My Valentine, Protest The Hero, and many others. Their touring ventures took the band across the USA to Mexico, Canada, and even off to Japan for an appearance at the Loud Park festival.

Fast forward to today, where the band has emerged into the Colorado metal scene, ignited with a vigor and energy unsurpassed by any previous performance yet! With new music ready, studio time set, the band is again trekking into the North American metal scene and beyond!

“Our lineup at present is as cohesive as it has ever been, with a common vision equally adopted by all members. Assembled with a great deal of persistence and choosiness, this band has developed immensely into a highly efficient musical machine. Pristine personal circumstances have allowed for a fully collaborative, focused effort, with each member devoting the necessary time and energy to bring their parts to the highest standards yet.Our current EP “Honor Forth” demonstrates this development, as well as the versatility of which CELLADOR can move, while retaining the unique  energy level that stands out from bands in the melodic metal genres. There is a certain spice of aggression that we always strive for in the writing process that is not necessarily just speed, but drama of voice, potency of lyrics, groove, and dynamic. With myself having assumed the vocalist spot and helming more of the production effort, the vision of each song as it was composed is now better transmuted to the recordings, achieving an end product much more representative of what CELLADOR strives for. The band is in full promotional cycle for “Honor Forth” and has established itself with a slew of shows already across North America. We are also at the midpoint of preproduction for our next release which is expected shortly. We’re excited for the new friends we are making, and flattered at the devotion and enthusiasm of our international fanbase.” – Chris Petersen CELLADOR


Chris Petersen – Guitar, Vocals

Diego Valadez – Synths

James Pickett – Bass

Nick Mccallister – Drums

Caleb Delaet – Guitar